torsdag 9 oktober 2014

50 år av musikskapande

Idag fyller Jackson Browne 66 år och har därmed skapat musik i 50 år...
Varför inte lyfta fram denna reflektion över tidens gång och livets vägar:

Time will come when we know what happened here
Change will come in time and make it clear
We learn one thing if we learn at all
In the secret wars we call our lives
Anything can happen
We watch the days we make our plans
We change in ways a life demands
I'll always remember this time, this place
The hope in your voice, the light on your face
Because anything can happen

In a world so full of pain
People give their lives to making war
And we call those people sane
But I love you where your dreams remain
Though you never say it anymore
One day there'll be an end to this war
And who knows
We may see what we're here for
Anything can happen

Yeah, if this love has found us here
Anything can happen
- Jackson Browne

50 år av visdom som gett så många hopp och insikt i en värld vi bara förstår mindre och mindre av...

"His music has always been a balsam for
the wound of life"
- Alberto Manzano

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