torsdag 11 januari 2018

Dawes, Taylor Goldsmith och lyriken...

På Dawes Facebook-sida, "Something In Common", har man diskuterat vilken låt som har den bästa lyriken... Mitt svar blev efter en hel del vånda:

"Oh, this is nearly impssible: But, here are a few:
And as I stare over my breakfast and out into the street
I find that sorrow I've been chasing way too often
That the man that stands in front of you is not the sum of all his dreams
But I'm hoping they've got something in common
However alone you end up feeling
or however small you think the world has become
Cause even though the devil got his way
and stole that future we got very little of
There's a place in my heart
where you should always feel loved
Just a glimpse of what she's understood
She betrays the meaning putting it in words
So she smiles at me lovingly and says "Just let me hold your hand
So far it's the only way I can let myself be heard"
So I feel like a man behind a camera
Who waits patiently for something he won't see
I need to stop giving suggestions
and just illuminate the questions
That seems much more accurate to me
To keep the frame as wide as it can be

But, after much uncertainty, I finally choose this one:
Now there's a loophole in the theory
That I cannot figure out
'Cause if love was what they said it would be
Then you'd be here with me now

But, it all might change tomorrow..."

Här: Tre låtar solo med Taylor Goldsmith, akustiskt och helt magiskt: "No Good Reason",
"One Of Us" och "Something In Common":

Taylor Goldsmith har tveklöst mycket att säga och en sällsynt förmåga att göra det...!

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