tisdag 8 juni 2010

Malmö 1997

Tänker på en magisk kväll i Malmö 1997... Läste vad jag skrev på tåget hem dagen efter och tänkte att någon kanske kunde ha glädje av att läsa det, så här är det:

Jackson Browne & David Lindley, KB, Malmö 26 March 1997

Will I live happily ever after THIS? Has those two last days changed my life? That's how it feels anyway! First the JB + DL show at the Concert House in Stockholm on Tuesday and then another show at the Culture Company in Malmoe the following day. And I have finally talked to Jackson, got his and David´s autograph, and I have Jackson´s plectrum! Oh my! Gosh! How can this mean so much? Well, Jackson has been part of my life for twenty-five years now, he's been there through all these years, like a close and ever-present friend.

The Stockholm concert was VERY GOOD, but the Malmoe show beats it for me. First of all, I was very close to the stage. When JB played the piano his shoes was only one meter away... I saw him so near, felt every word and heard his singing more from the monitors then from the speakers.

The Culture Company is a place were you stand, the smoke is heavy and the air gets very used. A lot different from the Concert Hall (where the Nobel ceremonies are held, as Jackson pointed out) in Stockholm. It was clear early that both JB and DL felt comfortable and enjoyed themselves! Jackson told me afterwards he had enjoyed both evenings, but as he pointed out it was "a real variety". David showed with all his face and body (I can't describe it!!) how polite the concert hall show was. "Sit still! Applaud! Behave!" I had to tell them we Swedes are a bit shy!

Jackson was wearing the same blue/grey t-shirt and used black trousers as the night before. David had changed from red to black trousers, now with white shoes and a heavily patterned ill-red shirt. For the second time in two days JB had to comment Davids clothing. "Nice shirt" he said, and David responded in rising and then he made a model turn! "A slight racing thing" JB filled in.

The song-list was practically the same with nearly 3 hours of music. The sound seemed better to me, a bit softer but very distinct. In Stockholm David´s guitar was a bit noisy, but here I had no thoughts of complaint. After the intermission things really started to happen. Jackson and David really enjoyed themselves, joked and talked a lot. There were a stunning "Two of me, two of you". Then "Quarter of a Man" and "Mercury Blues" really hit it off. JB managed to get "Call it a Loan" right, despite being unhappy with the tuning. He said it was still one of his favourite songs.

Then David told us about when they first began playing togheter, and Jackson looked straight at me laughing. Did he recognise me from the night before? Oh dear! It felt like we really shared this laugh. Then came "Come all ye fair and tender ladies" and "Take it easy" and I believe everyone sang along.

The first encore was "The Load Out" and once again Jackson sang "Do a show in Malmoe" and also "Ingemar Bergman on the video". Then "Stay" really lifted the roof. It was a VERY long version.

When we didn't sing Jackson told us: "This is your part, where are you?". Direct responce. And then, suddenly, David did his part a second time! Jackson laughed surprised.

When they came back JB had a long, strange chat about Cuban rom. "You can't get it in my country, I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I think you should get Cuban rom". The second encore was a really beautiful "Alive in the World". It could have closed the evening, but they came on a third time for three songs in a row. First Jackson told us about "his audiences" and had to fill in "...and David´s audiences" a few seconds later. People yelled: "Where is David?". Jackson responded: "Yeah, where is David? Mr. Dave has left the building"! Then Jackson asked David to do the request from Stockholm, "Rag Bag". A really great "Walking Slow" followed, although David said he "had nothing in tune". I thought they would leave, but they stayed on. They tasted the beer, we learned them to say "skael" (Swedish for cheers) and David used all his face to make-believe it was very strong. Finally came "Cocaine". They played and played, then JB told us he had to rewrite it "because I don't take cocaine anymore". But he couldn't remember the lyrics, so they played it instrumentally for a while before he rememered
the Reagan lyrics, and finally he remembered one more, but the "million braincells" was missing.

Jackson thanked us all very much and it was all over. By now, there was warmth,
sweat, smoke, thirst!! and not any air left. But I was in heaven, floating around. Can anything beat this? I said goodbye to my new friends in the audience and headed for a beer.

Then, a bit later, I met one of my new friends, a girl called Jelena, again and she
asked me if I had managed to get an autograph. A few had succeeded just as Jackson and David left the stage. I suggested we could wait outside and try to catch them when they were leaving. We stood there for more than half an hour, Jelena was freezing but I thought it was much better then the cold wind that made us give up outside the Concert House the day before. Even the afternoon rain had stopped. We stood there talking and waiting, just the two of us. Finally Alan (the guitar-tuner) and the boys came out with the equipment and loaded it on the van.

Later Alan told us that JB and DL would come soon. Another car arrived to pick them up. And then: THERE WAS JACKSON! He looked surprised, but stopped to talk, signed his autograph and gave us both a plectrum, which he said he had used on the night. On it was printed "JB DL Malmö 1997". I asked Jackson
if he remembered Stockholm 1976, it was at a student place and it was snowing. Yes, he did! He said they had had some problems with the piano. Sure, it made us wait for hours before JB and band came on at midnight. Could he really remember this after more than 20 years? He could!!

I asked him why he had moved to Spain, he seemed a bit confused, but told me he actually had some friends there, and liked it there, both the language and the country. Then David came, signed and started talking. What an incredible man! With that telling face he could become a world-class actor..!?
Jackson came back to ask me why I preferred this show to the Concert Hall. I told him I was so close, and felt it was a bit more relaxed. Jackson said he really liked both, even though they were very different. We said "see you, take care" and waved them off.

All I know is, that whatever happens in my life, I will treasure this evening and this meeting. And Jackson's plectrum shall be framed. So, come on life, I just had a taste of something fine! There's no way I could tell you what he means to me. Dear Jackson, I love the times you've come!

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