lördag 4 december 2010

Bitter kärlekslyrik

Finns det något mer dramatiskt än den lyrik som skapas när kärleken gått åt fanders?
Mer desperat och frustrerat? Eller elakt och anklagande? Bitterhet och elände...
Har samlat på mig några kraftfulla rader som berör som taggtråd...

Looking hard into your eyes
There was nobody I'd ever known

- Jackson Browne

Your folks fell in love
Love's a very deep hole

- Loudon Wainwright III

The same thing that makes you live
can kill you in the end
- Neil Young

Is a dream a lie
that don’t come true?
Or is it something worse?
- Bruce Springsteen

What do we do now?
Shall we call the kids?
or shall we call the cops?
Can you hold me 'til this howling stops?
- John Hiatt

It's a wonder to me now
Why anybody even tries

- Eric Andersen

This sudden loneliness has made me dangerous
Please don't watch me while I fall apart
'Cause I'm sad and I'm angry
and armed with a broken heart
- John Gorka

I don’t know what love has got to do with happiness
- Jackson Browne

Them shadows close each and every breath
You are electric wire, sleepin' on my chest
- Chris Eckman

All your dreams and lovers won't protect you
they're only passing through you in the end
- Neil Young

Fascist architecture of my own design
Too long been keeping my love confined
You tore me out of myself alive
- Bruce Cockburn

We are idiots, babe
It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves
- Bob Dylan

Ain't it funny how an old broken bottle
Looks just like a diamond ring
- John Prine

... men någonstans finns ändå lite distans och närheten till skämtet:

Two miles down the road:
Henry Tompkins wife
Three miles down the road:
and he's running for his life...!

- Richard Thompson

2 kommentarer:

  1. Några andra förslag:

    Love was never a friend of mine
    -Trisha Yearwood

    Morning will come and I'll do what's right.
    Just give me until then to give up this fight,
    Ad I will give up this fight.
    - Ms Bonnie Raitt

    I can be in love with you,
    without you.
    -Brad Paisley

    When it comes to love I've all but given up,
    cos life don't mean nothing without you.
    -Vince Gill

    Love won't come near me, she don't even hear me,
    she walks by my Vacancy sign.
    -Jackson Browne

  2. Tack!

    Några till:

    Sstill I believe that love is drawn
    from the emptiest of wells
    - Chris Eckman

    Tears are falling in the darkness,
    Hearts are bleeding in the silence.
    From the widest ocean
    Who would miss the smallest tear.
    - Sandy Denny

    And if I see you at the crossroads
    I'll remember you
    before passing on
    - Eric Andersen