onsdag 10 november 2010

Välförtjänt hyllning av den största

"She was head and shoulders above the rest. And she remains so."
- Ashley Hutchings

"You had to hold on to the furniture when Sandy sang"'
- Linda Thompson

"To me, she was simply the finest woman singer ever to have sung in Britain."
- Dave Cousins

"She was one of the most bighearted, talented, and all-round amazing persons that I ever met, and I dearly miss her."
- Richard Thompson

"I used to think when I was a lot younger that just a beautiful sounding voice was all you needed, but I realise now that isn't particularly where it's at. It's just the instrument - like you can have a beautiful sounding Martin guitar, but still not know how to play it - and that's what I mean about a voice. At one point I was so hung up on producing a beautiful sound that I forgot what singing was really all about. The whole point of singing is to tell the story of the song - what's the point of singing words if they don't mean anything?"
- Sandy Denny 1972

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